Prior Learning Assessment

Prior learning assessments (PLAs) are ideal for earning credit for informal learning experiences. To earn PLA credit, you must complete an assessment of your knowledge and abilities. A non-refundable fee will be charged to your student account when you sign up for one of the following.

  • Challenge Exams: $50 per exam
  • Portfolio reviews: $90 per course request
  • Skills Demonstrations: $90 per course request
  • Prerequisite Exam: $50 per exam

Not all classes at Madison College have the option to earn PLA credit, and prior learning assessment options vary by term.

To see which prior learning assessment options are available by term:

  1. Go to Class Search and Enroll in myMadisonCollege.
  2. Prior learning assessment classes (also referred to as CPL-Credit for Prior Learning classes) are usually only available for the current term, so select the current term and enter "CPL" in the search box.
    • NOTE: The enrollment fee for PLA classes is non-refundable, so don’t enroll until you are ready to take the assessment.   
  3. All the options available for earning PLA Credit for that term will be displayed.
  4. Class Notes and/or requirements will be provided in the Class Information section.

To complete and earn prior learning assessment credit:

  1. Register and pay for the CPL class by logging into your myMadisonCollege student account.
    • If the CPL class requires Instructor Consent, you must contact the Instructor in order to enroll.
    • NOTE: You cannot drop this class once you enroll.
  2. Follow all instructions outlined in the class notes.
  3. Check your grades in your student account for pass/fail results on the CPL course. Grades are typically provided within five days of completion. 
  4. If successful, your Degree Progress Report will show credit earned within two weeks of completion.

If you do not see the course for which you want to earn prior learning assessment credit, please contact to begin the process.