Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is a representative body for all Madison College clubs. The ELT is a student organization that serves to promote, engage and celebrate Madison College clubs. ELT offers programming and resources to assist clubs with:

  • recruitment
  • leadership development
  • fellowship
  • recognition

The students on this team also make decisions and improvements on club support funds, policies and procedures. In addition, the ELT is a major sponsor of the Student Success Annual Awards Banquet held every spring. The banquet celebrates students, advisors, clubs and organizations who have been nominated by staff and faculty for their achievements and commitment to the school.

student success banquet award winners

ELT Board Members are hourly and stipend-paid positions open to current Madison College students. Interested in joining the Executive Leadership Team? Submit an interest form.

  • Student Club Outreach Specialist (hourly)
  • Student Club Involvement Specialist (hourly)
  • Student Club Marketing Coordinator (stipend)
  • Student Club Development Coordinator (stipend)