Enrollment Terms and Conditions

This agreement informs you of the impacts and financial obligations that exist after you register for classes. It is your responsibility to verify that actions such as adding or dropping classes, whether done via self-service or staff-assisted, have been completed. 

When you register for a class, you enter into a financial obligation with Madison College for tuition and fees. This obligation holds regardless of attendance, receipt of financial aid or third-party funding. The only time you do not have to pay for a class in which you enrolled is when the class is cancelled by the college or you drop the class prior to the class start date.  


Tuition includes:

  • Program fees
  • Material fees
  • Parking fees
  • Supplemental fees
  • Other class fees, which may include books, equipment, field trips, uniforms, graduation and sales tax.

Total fees vary depending on the number of credits and/or classes for which you register.

Get tuition and fees details including non-credit, online and non-resident fee information, due dates and payment terms.

Due Dates


Once you register for classes, your billing depends on the classes you enrolled in.

  • Credit courses. You will receive an electronic invoice for credit courses in your college email account. 
  • Continuing education. Invoices are mailed within 14 days of registration. 

You can also view your account balance in your myMadisonCollege student portal. 

Payment Due Dates

You are expected to pay your tuition and fees by the date on your invoice. You are responsible for all tuition and fees unless and until you officially drop your classes.

  • Fall:  September 30
  • Spring:  February 15
  • Summer:  June 30

Note: If you register for a class on or after the due date, payment is due immediately. 


The term "refund" refers not only to money being returned but the removal of debt from your student account. Refunds are processed according the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy found in the state's Administrative Code Chapter TCS 10

  • Refund eligibility depends on the date you officially drop your class, and whether you did it online or with assistance from Enrollment Center or regional/metro campus office staff. Mailed drop requests are processed per the date received. 
  • A full refund is ONLY provided when you drop a class at least one day before it begins or when the college cancels a class.
  • You cannot drop your class by talking to your instructor, and no one else may drop classes for you. 
  • Stopping payment on a check is not equivalent to dropping a class.
  • Not attending classes does not entitle you to a refund. The college will not drop your classes due to non-payment or non-attendance. 
  • Dropping classes may affect receipt of financial aid or veterans benefits and may require you to repay funds received.
  • The Enrollment Center can help you understand drop dates and estimate refund amounts, however actual amounts cannot be provided until the class is dropped and your tuition is recalculated.

If you drop your class after it has started, you may be eligible for a partial refund. Please visit the Tuition Refunds page for more detail. 

Unpaid Tuition

If you do not pay your tuition in full by the due date, a hold is placed on your record. The results of this hold are:

  • You cannot register for additional classes.
  • You cannot obtain or send an official copy of your Madison College transcript.
  • You cannot view your grades.
  • You cannot obtain an enrollment verification.
  • You cannot have an admission application processed.
  • Access to other records and services may also be restricted.  

You are allowed to make partial payments online or in person with this hold on your record but the hold is only removed once you pay your tuition in full.


If you owe tuition and fees after the due date has passed, you may be referred to an outside agency for collection and credit bureau reporting. You will be notified 20 days prior to this action occurring. We may provide that agency with your:

  • Enrollment history
  • Tuition payment history
  • Student ID number
  • Social security number

If this happens, you are responsible for all costs of collections. This may include reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the college or its representatives in connection with the collection of the past due amount. 

Once your balance is paid in full, all holds are released and access to your records returns to normal. If you have a hold that does not disappear after your balance is paid, email Financial Resources or call 259-2940. 

When registering for classes, students are agreeing to the college's terms and conditions.  

Agreement to Terms

By enrolling in classes, I certify that I, the student, agree to the College's terms and conditions. In the event that I fail to timely comply with the payment obligations, I agree to pay all collection costs incurred by the College. I understand the College may certify any past due balance I incur to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDR) and make a claim for the total due against refunds, overpayments or lottery winnings owed to me by the WDR.