The Intercultural Exchange

Every year Madison College welcomes new students of color and international students to our campus community. To best connect students to our diverse communities in 2017, The Center for Student Life opened the Intercultural Exchange Center. Located in the heart of the Truax Campus, The Intercultural Exchange (IE), located in C1430 welcomes and validates the diverse cultures of our campus community.

The IE serves as a focal point of campus that engages all students in the greater understanding of cultural diversity. We collaborate with numerous campus programs, areas, and offices to best support our diverse students. We strive to connect students to available resources and opportunities for personal and academic success.

The IE strives to promote access, equity, and academic success in higher education; create a campus-wide climate of justice; and offer in-person, virtual, and hybrid programs about diversity in all its forms. 

Student affinity or identity based clubs, student organizations, and campus departments are able to request to reserve the Intercultural Exchange. To do so please sign in with your Madison College credentials and fill out the form: 

Intercultural Exchange

Commitment to Diversity

Madison College’s response to the changing nature of diversity, which includes, but is not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability, requires a commitment by each member of the Madison College community to create and sustain a learning environment built on respect for the unique experiences and potential of all. This ensures that Madison College is preparing students personally and professionally to become active and successful participants in a complex, diverse world.