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Madison College Digital Badge Program

Madison College is proud to be one of the first technical colleges in the U.S. to issue digital badges.

Madison College Badge
Credit Badge
Core Workforce Skills Badge
Non-Credit Badge


Badging began as a way to acknowledge the skills gained by students in our non-credit professional development courses. Digital badges are flexible and allow students and staff alike to showcase their knowledge and abilities. The badges help students stand out to employers .  

Madison College is dedicated to embracing digital badging as part of our culture. It is a simple way to award learners with credentials beyond our degrees. 


"Talking about my digital badges in job interviews gave me confidence and a voice I didn’t know I had."
— Madison College Student

What is a Digital Badge?
  • A digital emblem of your skills 
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Awarded by Madison College to validate and verify achievement
  • Uniquely linked to you
Madison College Digital Badges
Madison College Badge

Madison College Badges
Contracted through Credly Acclaim, all public badges can be found here.

Credit Badge

Credit Badges
Badges are used within our credit courses as a sign of knowledge, skill and/or ability.

Note: Badges used within our credit courses are categorized by our taxonomy system

Core Workforce Skills Badge

Core Workforce Skills

Gain essential skills you need to get a job.  

Non-Credit Badge

Non-Credit Badges
Digital badges are associated with the majority of our non-credit professional development courses.

Note: Digital badges are associated with most of our non-credit professional development courses. Badged courses can be found within the course catalog (symbol). To earn a non-credit badge, you must successfully complete the steps to earn that specific badge. You will be awarded your badge within 7-10 days of the course completion.


Why earn a digital badge?

Your digital badge says that you've achieved a credential that is relevant to your career. Display your badge on social media to increase your odds of being noticed by your network and employers. Ask your instructors how they use digital badges. 


Digital Badges will help you:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Grow your professional network 
  • Showcase your achievements
  • Impress employers
  • Search for job opportunities

Looking for more information, head on over to our Digital Credentials Institute to see how we can help you start your digital credentialing journey.

For questions or to learn more about our digital badges, please contact Lesley Voigt, Director, Digital Credentials Institute, at 608-616-1044