Dental Continuing Education

Dental professionals and clinicians can stay up to date on new technologies and satisfy their CE requirements through several courses at Madison College. Join an email list so we can notify you as new sections become available. If you have suggestions for courses you would be interested in, please contact our continuing education liaison, Mary Hoffman at

Local Anesthetic

This course will provide you with the necessary classroom and clinical experience to become certified to administer local anesthetic in a dental office. Topics covered are anatomy, landmarks and techniques. You will be required to give multiple injections on each other. Evidence of current CPR is required. No refreshments are provided. Textbook required.

This six-hour course is designed to provide you an opportunity to renew both hard and soft tissue landmarks and injection techniques. You will be required to give multiple injections on each other. Evidence of current CPR and initial certification in local anesthetic is required.

Nitrous Oxide

This course allows you to complete the educational training required by the Wisconsin Board of Dentistry in order to administer nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation analgesia. Whether beginning or refining your skills in nitrous oxide administration, this practical continuing dental education course will give you the capacity to reduce patient anxiety and fears in your dental office. Eligible members of the dental team include dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists.

This course includes 4 hours reading time and 8 hours in the clinic with supervised clinical experience using fail-safe anesthesia equipment capable of positive pressure respiration. Students must read the Handbook of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation, 4th edition by Clark and Brunick prior to entering clinic as part of the 12 hour course load. Course participants need to show evidence of current licensure and CPR certification, and will be required to give and receive nitrous oxide.

Lasers in Dentistry

This course prepares the dental hygienist to use diode lasers safely and effectively to treat periodontal disease in dental patients with Laser Bacterial Reduction and Laser Assisted Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy. Course will cover laser history, basic laser safety, physics, clinical applications and procedures in the dental office. Students will apply dental laser soft tissue procedures on a porcine jaw in a lab setting, and learn safety guidelines for performing the role of Laser Safety Officer in a dental office setting.


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