DEAL Program

Dual Enrollment for Adult Learners

Want to attend college level courses but don’t have your GED or HSED yet?  Madison College offers the Ability to Benefit program that allows students to enroll in a Career Pathway program while completing their GED/HSED at the same time.  Students in this program are also eligible to receive financial aid while attending as long as the requirements are met. 

Who can Enroll?

The DEAL program is for adults who do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Students must qualify for federal financial aid and show the “ability to benefit” from post-secondary education.

Steps to becoming a DEAL Student

  1. All interested students must be currently enrolled in the GED/HSED program and taking coursework to complete the high school equivalency.  For more information and to get enrolled, visit
  2. All interested students must take the Accuplacer Test:
  3. Students must determine which program they will study as their career pathway program.  For more information on Madison College’s Degree programs, visit
  4. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  5. Register for six credits in addition to the GED/HSED coursework.

Required Services for DEAL Students

While you are enrolled in the DEAL program, you must participate in several required services.  Below are the six required services that you must participate in order to be a DEAL student.

  1. Student Orientation – All DEAL students must complete an orientation. The orientation will familiarize students with campus resources, college policies, and student rights.  Orientation will also include information on registration, financial aid, and satisfactory academic progress.  Students will understand and agree to DEAL requirements and expectations during orientation.  Students will also be oriented to college learning management systems, college e-mail, and be shown how to access myMadisonCollege.
  2. Assessment – Students will be required to take assessments while enrolled in the DEAL program.  These assessments may include Accuplacer, TABE, and other GED/HSED exams.  In addition, students will be assessed and given grades for their academic coursework. 
  3. Academic Support and Tutoring – Student must attend academic support for their coursework while enrolled in the DEAL Program.  Students can access academic support through the Student Achievement Centers or through the High School Completion Centers.  A minimum of 4 hours/semester will be required, although more may be required if students need extra help to maintain satisfactory academic progress. 
  4. Connecting Academic Goals to Career Pathways – Students must be provided professional assistance in developing and mapping out their education and career goals.  All students will participate in career counseling during the DEAL program. 
  5. Advising/Case Management – Every student in the DEAL Program will be assigned an advisor/case manager to follow up with them during their participation in the program.  The advisor can assist in academic planning, identifying academic and non-academic supports, and ensuring that students are making satisfactory progress toward their career pathway. 
  6. Measuring Progress and Student Follow-up – Students will check in with their advisor on a monthly basis while enrolled in the DEAL program.  In addition, teachers will be notified which students are DEAL students so they can provide regular feedback and progress updates to students who are in this program.
DEAL Interest Form
The advisor will contact you regarding details of the program, assist you in creating an academic plan, and assist you with getting enrolled. If you have any questions right away please submit here.