Credit for Prior Learning

Get credit for what you already know!

Skills and knowledge gained through previous school, work, or life experiences may earn course credit. There are two categories of prior learning:

1. Transfer of Credit

  • Prior college course work
  • High school advanced standing
  • Military training
  • National exams
  • Professional Certifications


2. Prior Learning Assessments

  • Work and life experience options:
    • Challenge Exam
    • Portfolio
    • Skills Demonstration
    • Prerequisite Exam


Please note that credits we award from prior learning:

  • May meet admission, enrollment or program requirements.
  • Are based on courses that have been previously approved for transfer of credit. Additional requests for transfer equivalency will be required in order to review courses not previously evaluated. 
  • May account for up to 75 percent of requirements toward a degree and up to 50 percent of requirements toward a certificate.
  • Will not affect your Madison College GPA as they do not receive letter grades. 
  • Apply only at Madison College. We can not guarantee other colleges will award credit similarly. Contact the college you want the credits to transfer into and see what they require.
  • Can only be evaluated from documents submitted to Madison College. Visit Transferology to explore how your courses may transfer into Madison College. 

Our Transfer Services page offers additional information, resources and support.