Credit / No Credit Grade Option

Credit / No Credit Grade Option

COVID-19 has affected the way we live, work and learn. As the college continues to operate remotely, we hope that offering a Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option will help you find confidence in your ability to succeed in school.


For eligible classes, the choice of CR/NCR or a letter grade is yours. The best advice we can give as you choose how to receive credit is to consult with your academic advisor. They will help you make the best choice for you.



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Please note: a determination has not been made as to whether Credit/No Credit grading will be offered for summer 2022. Please check back later for more information. 

Credit/No Credit FAQs

Review the information below to find out more about Credit/No Credit grading options.

  • The Basics

    What is Credit/No Credit?

    Credit (CR) or No Credit (NCR) grades do not count toward your GPA.  For courses that qualify for CR/NCR, you can request CR for a C or higher grade. You will receive credit for the course. If you received a D or lower grade, you could request NCR. You will not receive course credit.


    Why would I choose Credit/No Credit?

    You may choose CR/NCR to prevent one or more classes from bringing down your GPA.


    How does Credit/No Credit affect my GPA?

    CR/NCR will not affect your GPA.


    Will Credit/No Credit courses fulfill my program requirements?

    CR fulfills most program, certificate, and petition requirements. NCR does not. Some programs require a grade of B or better in specific coursework. If your program has a handbook, refer to your program handbook or contact your program director with questions.


    What does No Credit do?

    Receiving NCR preserves your GPA. It does not satisfy requirements, count for credit, change your GPA or fulfill prerequisites.


    Are all courses eligible for Credit/No Credit?

    No. Some programs, employers, transfer institutions require a letter grade. Choosing CR could mean your course no longer counts toward your program requirements, tuition reimbursements or transfer admission.


    What does Credit/No Credit mean for prerequisites and future course enrollment?

    CR earned in a prerequisite course will allow you to enroll in your next course. NCR will not because the prerequisite credits have not been earned.


    How do letter grades convert to Credit/No Credit?

    A C grade or higher will convert to CR. A D grade or lower will convert to NCR.


    Can I request Credit/No Credit for a B grade if I am worried it will bring down my GPA?

    Yes, but make sure that a CR meets requirements for your program, transfer, employer reimbursement etc.


    What should I do if I need the credits, but I am worried about a D grade’s effect on my GPA?

    Please contact your advisor for guidance. If you convert your D grade to NCR, and then repeat the course, only your second attempt will carry credit and affect your GPA.


    Can I choose Credit/No Credit for every class?

    Yes, you can if all courses qualify for CR/NCR. In that instance your GPA will be 0.00 for the term.


  • Nuts and Bolts

    How do I choose Credit/No Credit?

    You will receive an email that outlines the process for choosing CR/NCR. An electronic form will be made available on the Credit/No Credit pages that allows you to see your final grade and how that grade would convert to CR or NCR.


    When can I request Credit/No Credit?

    Spring 2022 CR/NCR can be requested between April 8, 2022 and June 10, 2022, after course grades have been posted in your myMadisonCollege Student Account.


    Once I’ve chosen either a letter grade or Credit/No Credit, can I change my mind?

    The deadline for receiving grade change requests for Spring 2022 is June 10, 2022. As of June 11, 2022, no changes will be allowed for completed Spring 2022 courses.

    What if I don’t receive a final grade by the last day to make the change?

    If it’s been more that 5 days since the last day of class and you have not received your grades, please contact your instructors.


    Students who have missing grades or have been issued a grade of Incomplete may email Enrollment Services and request the grade change.


    Can I drop a Credit/No Credit class and receive a refund?

    No. The request window for CR/NCR begins after the refund deadline has passed.


    Can I dispute receiving an NCR?

    Contact Enrollment Services if you believe you received an NCR in error. For letter grades, follow the Madison College grade dispute process.


    How will Credit/No Credit appear on my transcript?

    In the grade column, Credit will appear as CR and No Credit as NCR. A transcript note will appear under each course with CR or NCR that says, COVID-19 Disruptive Grading. CR=Credit Earned, C or better. NCR=no credit earned.


    Can I use a Credit/No Credit course as an alternate course in another program?

    Unless the new program requires a B grade or higher, a CR course will fulfill the requirement.


    Can I earn retroactive foreign language credits with Credit?
    For the semesters in which the College offers Credit/No Credit grading due to COVID-19, yes.


    I am a student athlete. How will Credit/No credit affect my eligibility?

    According to NJCCAA rules, CR will count as a C-grade. Please work with your instructors, advisor and athletic administration to make sure CR is the right choice for you.


    Do I need to be in good academic standing to request Credit/No Credit?

    No, you do not, but you are strongly encouraged to consult with your academic advisor to know which courses are eligible before you decide on CR/NCR.


    How does Credit/No Credit affect Dean’s List?

    The requirements to make the Dean’s List remain. CR/NCR grades will not raise or lower your semester GPA which may impact your ability to earn a Dean’s List honor.


  • Transfer

    Will Madison College grant transfer and degree progress credit for pass/not pass or credit/no credit grades received from another institution?

    Madison College understands that many institutions have opted to award students with Pass/Not Pass or Credit/No Credit grades during Covid-19.  Madison College will award transfer and degree progress credit to students who earn “Pass” or “Credit” grades on their transcript for respective courses within our transfer equivalency rules for both college and high school advanced standing courses.  


    If I change programs, will my Credit/No Credit course count toward my new degree or will I need to retake the course?

    Before transferring to another Madison College program, please work with your advisor to know if your new program requires course completion with a B-grade or higher.


    How will Credit/No Credit courses impact evaluation of work for Credit for Prior Learning?

    There is no change in the Credit for Prior Learning process.  Assessments are currently evaluated as pass or fail.  If you pass the assessment, you earn the credit.


    Will UW-Madison accept a transfer course completed with a CR?

    Yes. Current policies regarding eligible transfer courses still apply, including whether a course transfers as equivalent or elective credit. If you have earned a grade of CR for a transfer-eligible course, UW-Madison will transfer the course.


    Will other UW System Schools accept CR grades?
    The University of Wisconsin System universities will accept a WTCS institution "Pass" or "Credit" for transfer as long as "Pass" equals a "C" or higher and the scale is annotated on the student transcript. The Madison College “CR” grade is a “C” or higher and is noted as such on the official transcript.


    How will transfer colleges and universities as well as employers judge Credit/No Credit?

    Offering CR/NCR aligns with higher education trends across the nation during the pandemic. Many students will have COVID-19 related grades on their transcripts. If you have concerns, you should consult your advisor and/or your transfer college.


  • Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits

    Can choosing Credit/No Credit affect financial aid eligibility?

    Yes. CR/NCR does affect your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standing.


    For financial aid to be awarded next semester, these standards must be met through the end of this semester:

    • Cumulative GPA of 2.0.  CR/NCR will not change your GPA.
    • Course completion rate of 67% for all program courses to-date.
      • CR indicates you passed the course. These credits will contribute to the 67% requirement for continued financial aid eligibility.
      • NCR indicates you failed the course. These credits still count but may put your completion rate below the 67% requirement for financial aid eligibility.
    • Maximum attempted credits are within 150% of the credits needed to complete your program.
      • Every credit you take counts in the calculation of the maximum number of credits you can take to successfully complete your program regardless of grade type: CR, NCR or a letter grade. If you reach your limit without completing your program, you will no longer be eligible for financial aid.


    Can I repeat a No Credit course and pay for it with financial aid?

    Financial aid will pay for a course until you have earned credit.  Then, it will pay for it one more time if you want to improve your grade.


    Is it possible that I will have to return some of my financial aid if I choose Credit/No Credit?

    Yes. Students are required to attend at least 60% of their classes to earn 100% of their financial aid. If you choose NCR and you have been in class less than 60% of the time, you may have to return some of your financial aid.


    If I am on an academic plan, will I be able to choose No Credit and still receive financial aid?

    No. An academic plan requires you to complete 100% of your courses and earn a 2.0 GPA. Choosing NCR means you have not met the academic plan requirements and will not be eligible for financial aid next semester.  You can, however, request reinstatement of your financial aid.


    How will choosing Credit/No Credit affect veterans’ benefits?

    Veteran students who receive Federal Veteran Educational Benefits, National Guard Tuition Reimbursement, or the Wisconsin GI Bill benefits are required to have a letter grade. If a student selects the CR/NCR option, it will not satisfy the letter grade requirement.


    Will the VA pay to retake a Credit/No Credit class?

    Students who choose the CR option and earn credit for the course will not be funded for a second attempt.  Receiving credit is equal to a passing letter grade.


    Students who choose NCR, resulting in not earning a passing grade, are eligible to retake a class and receive funding.


    If I choose No Credit, will I have to pay back any housing allowance?