Complaint Process

Madison College's Dean of Students Office is committed to providing a mechanism for the college community to voice concerns and complaints. Please note that this process does not replace other college procedures such as academic integrityfinal grade dispute, or harassment/discrimination.


If you have a concern or complaint, you are encouraged to seek a resolution to the matter directly with the individual(s) involved. Most conflicts can be resolved in a timely and considerate manner by having an open and respectful conversation. You may contact Conflict Management Services for help resolving a conflict informally. 

If informal attempts to resolve the matter are not advisable or fail, follow the steps below.


STEP 1: SUBMIT THE ONLINE FORM. You may contact Conflict Management Services if you need assistance completing the form.

Report Concern/Complaint

STEP 2: REVIEW OF CONCERN. Upon receipt of a completed form, the Dean of Students will review the nature of your concern and may take any of the following actions:

  • Contact other college staff as appropriate
  • Request additional information, required to be provided within 7 days of request.
  • Meet separately or jointly with involved parties and seek resolution
  • Refer parties to Conflict Management Services for mediation and resolution.
  • If the complaint reveals potential employee performance concerns, it is referred to that employee’s supervisor for investigation. The supervisor may contact you as part of the investigation.

STEP 3: OUTCOME. The Dean of Students attempts to resolve issues and notify all parties within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date the concern is filed. However, if your concern is related to a Dispute of Charge or Refund Request, please allow up to 60 calendar days to receive an outcome. A record of all concerns and outcomes will be documented and filed in the Dean of Students Office.


The right to appeal is limited to significant procedural lapses or the appearance of substantive new evidence not available at the time of the original decision. Note that deliberate omission of information by the appealing party in the original investigation is not grounds for appeal.

  • Submit an appeal in writing no later than five (5) business days after initial outcome notification. The request should be addressed to the appropriate Vice President or the Provost at Madison College.
  • You are welcome to consult with Conflict Management Services about the appeals process, including assistance with identifying the appropriate administrator to review the appeal.
  • You will receive an official response to your appeal from the appropriate administrator within thirty (30) business days of the filing.

Students have the right to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Technical College System. 

Students enrolled in an online distance education program conducted across state lines may file a complaint with the Distance Learning Authorization Board.