Commuter Services Fee

Paying the Commuter Services Fee allows you access to:

If you are enrolled in at least one degree-credit class, you are eligible for these services.

About the fee

What are these fees used for?

Funds from these fees are directed toward three budget/programs: 

  1. The co-curricular activity budget, which provides funding for
    • Athletics
    • The Campus Center
    • The Clarion (student newspaper)
    • The Executive Leadership Team for Clubs (60+ clubs)
    • Forensics
    • Leadership Programs
    • Performing Arts
    • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
    • Programs & Activities Council
    • Student Publications
    • Student Senate
    • United Common Ground for Culture, Diversity and Contemporary Issues
    • The Volunteer Center
    • The Yahara Journal.
  2. The Fitness Center.
  3. The Bus, Para-Transit, Parking & Shuttle Programs.

How are students involved in decisions about Madison College supplemental fees?

The Student Activities Board (SAB) allocates supplemental funds per college policy and in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 38.145(9). The board consists of eight student organization representatives from student and is co-chaired by the Student Senate President and the Madison College Vice President of Student Development. Following the annual budget development process, the budget is submitted to the Student Senate for a vote by the General Assembly with recommendations to the District Board for action. The Madison College District Board approves all fees and budgets.

In a referendum sponsored by the Student Senate, Madison College students voted in 1999 to establish the Bus and Para-Transit Program. Annual costs have risen for transportation services. Students voted again in 2008 by a vote of 9 to 1, to continue the program by putting a new funding structure into place to pay for services. Fee amounts are regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary. 



Who is eligible for commuter services at Madison College?

If you are enrolled in at least one credit at a Madison-based campus, you are charged the commuter services fee and are eligible for commuter services.

If your credit classes are at Madison College-Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg or Watertown, you do not pay the Commuter Services Fee. Thus, you are not eligible to receive a bus pass or utilize any of the services provided by the fee. If you take only online courses, you also do not pay the Commuter Services Fee. 

A degree student is anyone enrolled in a credit-bearing course, and the credits from that course apply to a degree program. (You may take degree-credit courses without being in a program.) 

You can identify a degree-credit course is by the sixth digit of the course number. If the sixth digit is a 1, 2, 3 or 5, the course is a degree-credit course. Taking these courses automatically charges you with Commuter Services Fee. 20-801-201, for example, is a degree-credit course. 

If you audit degree-credit classes, you are charged supplemental fees. If you are in the Youth Apprenticeship Program, you are charged supplemental fees when you take degree-credit classes.

A non-degree student is anyone enrolled in a course which is not part of any degree program at Madison College. 

The easiest way to identify a non-degree course is by the sixth digit of the course number. If the sixth digit is a 4 or 6, the course is a non-degree course. If you take these courses, you are not charged the Commuter Services Fee. 60-815-614, for example, is a non-degree class. 

Non-degree students may receive commuter services by paying a $75 fee per semester or summer session

Limited Refund

Limited Refund Requests

In spring semester 2010, the Madison College Student Senate voted to provide a process by which students might state the reasons "why" they believe that they should not need to pay to support the Commuter Services Program. Degree credit students have supported the program since January 2000.  The Commuter Services  Fee is $46 per semester & $26 per summer session.

Access the "Request for Refund of the Commuter Services Supplemental Fee Form" for "individual students."

Access the "Request for Refund of the Commuter Services Supplemental Fee Form" for "organizations." "Organizations" may be agencies, businesses, employers, municipal departments, or school districts.

If you are interested in helping improve commuter services at Madison College, please consider serving on the Commuter Services Committee. Contact Commuter Services at or call (608) 243-4072 for more information.