Student Clubs and Organizations

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Students involved in their college activities tend to get higher grades and have a greater chance of finishing their degrees. To learn about all the involvement opportunities for you on campus, download the WolfPack Connect app from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Or log into the WolfPack Connect web app with your Madison College credentials.


As a Madison College student, you may be interested in joining one of more than 60 Madison College campus clubs. When you are active in campus clubs, you have the opportunity to attend conferences and social events, participate in various competitions or community service projects, and develop leadership and career skills. These activities can also be a great resume builder. For a list of active clubs, go to our WolfPack Connect app and search under "Groups" on the Campus tab.

To start a new club, you will need to recruit at least ten (10) current Madison College students, secure a Madison College faculty or staff person to serve as an Advisor to your group, and submit a “Starting a New Club” application through the WolfPack Connect app. For questions, please contact Student Life.

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You may also be interested in getting involved with one of the of the many Madison College organizations funded by your student fees. The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a group of students selected from each organization to determine how your student fees are spent within these organizations and to approve the distribution of funds for special  projects within clubs and other areas of Madison College.

Student Activities Board (SAB) representatives are selected from within their Madison College student-funded organizations including:

 All Student Activities Board meetings are open to the public.

Student Club versus Student Organization

What are the differences?

Student clubs can be formed based on interests, program of study, etc. All that is needed is 1 officer, 1 advisor and a minimum of 10 active members. Clubs do not have a budget but can earn money through fundraising, from ELT, or participating in the incentive points program.

Student organizations are structured groups with operating procedures, officers, deliverables to the student body and student-funded operating budget.