Club Forms

Here you will find club-related forms. Some are online forms and some are templates available for download which is indicated next to each form.

Club By-Laws (online)

Club Financial Deposit Form (download)

Club Raffle Tickets Request (online)

Club Raffle Completion Reporting (online)

Club Request for Payment Form (download)

Club Recruitment Funding (online)

Club Re-Registration (online)

Club Travel Funding Request (online)

Co-Curricular Travel Code of Conduct Agreement (online)

Driver Authorization Application (online, employees only)

Emergency Contact Form (online)

Membership Dues Reimbursement (online)

Trip Participation Waiver Form and Release (online)

Trip Participation Waiver Form and Release - under 18 (download if under 18)

Wisconsin Sales Tax Exempt Form (downloadable)

W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID # and Certification (downloadable)