Campus Security Authorities

The Clery Act recognizes certain officials and offices as Campus Security Authorities (CSA). The Clery Act defines these individuals as “officials of an institution who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, campus judicial proceedings, health services, Title IX and athletics.”

While generally all Madison College employees are encouraged to report crimes that are known to them to Public Safety Services, a select group of employees are identified as Campus Security Authorities and have additional crime reporting responsibilities.

The Clery Compliance Team will work with managers throughout the college in order to maintain and identify a current list of CSA’s.  

If you have been identified as a CSA, take the training!

Reporting Clery Crimes

CSA’s can fulfill their obligation to report crimes by submitting the Clery Act Crime Reporting Form when they learn of a crime.

Biannual Request for Data

The Clery Compliance Team requests CSA’s to provide crime data twice a year, regardless if a crime was reported to you. Use the Clery Act Crime Reporting Form to satisfy this obligation.  

NOTE: If you have not been identified as a CSA, but believe you meet the definition of a CSA, please contact Sergeant Taylor Weckerly. Email: | Phone: 608-246-6048