Campus Safety Awareness


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Stay safe on campus

Your health and safety are our top priorities at Madison College. Learn more about keeping yourself—and others—safe. Participation levels go from easy to … easier!

September is Madison College Campus Safety Awareness Month

Go orange online

Change your social media profile picture or email signature to this orange ribbon. Download it here.

Use an orange background for virtual meetings. Here’s how.

Encourage your friends to do the same!

Wear orange on Fridays

Turn Madison College orange every Friday in September. Share an orange selfie using #MadisonCollege. Post a photo of yourself wearing an orange ribbon, t-shirt, nails … whatever you’ve got in your wardrobe.


Campus safety in the news

Mondays Motivation

Watch for Monday's Motivations 
Check out the Student News feed every Monday for a weekly tip on keeping Madison College a healthy, safe and inclusive place!

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Neighborhood houses

Who are the people in your community ... 
Every Wednesday this month, the Student News feed will share info on campus safety and support resources.

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Watch for these campus activities

Activity boards: This is how I feel …

Activity Board

The pandemic has impacted all of us. Yet not everyone has the same reaction or thoughts and feelings about returning to campus. Let’s all contribute to building a safe and inclusive community by sharing where we’re at and what we need to feel safe.

Stop by one of our activity boards on campus to respond to the prompts:

I feel___
I need ___
I hope ___

Active shooter training

Email to Schedule

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Public Safety Services offers Active Shooter training to students and employees upon request. Learn how you can be better prepared in the event of an active threat on campus. Contact Luke Adler ( or Nic Tatro ( for more information or to schedule a training.

We’ll also host several on-campus tabling events this month. Stop by when you see us!

Madison College September Campus Safety Awareness Month Flyer

Find all September Campus Safety Awareness Events

Visit or email the Dean of Students office for a copy of our flyer.