Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Madison College is concerned about the safety and welfare of all of its students, faculty and staff. You are encouraged to help keep our school free from threats of intimidation and harm by reporting any students whose behavior could be considered unruly, threatening or bizarre. Our Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) was created to coordinate responses to these behaviors. 

Any student, staff, faculty, or community member who feels a student is a potential threat to themselves or the community can make a BIT referral.

Submit a BIT Referral

Faculty / staff reminder: Please make sure you are not logged into PeopleSoft when attempting to make a BIT referral. This may require you to clear your computer’s cache prior to submission or use a different browser. If you continue to experience difficulties, please e-mail your referral to

BIT Process

If you believe a student poses an immediate threat, call 911 first, then Public Safety at (608) 245-2222.

Once you complete the BIT referral form, the team will:

  • Assess the provided information and determine which campus or community resources/services will be offered
  • Contact the student named and begin an investigation of the behavior of concern
  • Use professional discretion regarding information shared when working with the student
  • If requested, contact the individual who made the referral for clarification

The process is directed toward helping the named student understand his/her behavior of concern and how it affects the environment and their success. Actions the team might initiate include, but are not limited to:

  • None, pending further observation/information
  • Assist faculty or staff in developing an action plan
  • Discussion with faculty and/or department chairperson(s)
  • Referral to existing on-campus support services (e.g., Counseling Services, Conflict Management Services, Public Safety Services, etc.)
  • Warning of conduct concerns with cease and desist notification and offer of on-campus support services
  • Mandatory meeting with college administration and/or Conflict Management Services
  • Recommendation of interim suspension pending resolution of concern
  • Referral to Student Conduct Review Board

Depending on the circumstances, students who fail to comply with the decisions of the BIT may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.

BIT Scope

The BIT is a central clearinghouse to coordinate responses to student behaviors of concern from students, faculty and staff. When red flags are raised about specific student behavioral concerns, the BIT will follow up on these concerns.

The BIT is an interdisciplinary team that meets weekly to assess and implement an intervention plan for students deemed to be at risk to themselves or others socially, mentally and physically.

The BIT balances the needs of "behaviorally at risk" students with the safety and security of the larger college community.

The BIT is responsible for ensuring the college's policies and procedures regarding proper behavior are upheld and properly administered.

The BIT works to connect separate pieces of information that may indicate a more serious or acute problem in the hope of preventing a dangerous or critical outcome or event. 

The BIT form will direct your referral to the appropriate parties based on the information you provided; however, you may wish to view some of the other processes and procedures that address a variety of student behaviors or concerns.