Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Madison College recognizes that drug and alcohol dependency or abuse can cause major health problems, as well as safety and security problems.

  • Alcohol or drug abuse means that the use of a substance has caused a problem in the life of either the user or a significant other.
  • Dependency means that the person is using to feel normal and has no ability to abstain. Students are encouraged to address problems due to alcohol or other drug use as soon as possible.

It makes no sense to wait until dependency has developed.

All students are expected to become familiar with materials related to the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act which can be found on the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Plan webpage.

A student in need of assistance to work through alcohol or drug-related problems is encouraged to contact John Boyne in the Counseling and College Success Department or call (608) 616-3418.

The department's main office can be reached at (608) 246-6076.


Alcohol and Drug Policy Summary

State law and campus policy prevent the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs on campus. Alcohol use on campus is not permitted except at certain events with prior permission. Intoxication from any substance is not permitted in the student rights and responsibilities policy. Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct may serve as a basis for formal disciplinary review and action by the college.

Restriction of Controlled Substances

The following are Student Rights and Responsibilities, including restrictions relating to use, possession or influence of controlled substances:

Federal and State Laws

Assistance Programs

The following programs are available to provide assistance to students who need them. 

Madison College Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers a range of professional services for students needing assistance. Counseling services are free and available to all current or prospective students. Personal counseling services are brief in nature, and a student must be currently enrolled at Madison College in order to take advantage of this specific service. If we determine that your counseling needs require resources or competencies beyond what we can provide, we will assist with a referral to an appropriate and affordable community-based mental health provider.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse (AODA) Prevention Program

A student in need of assistance to work through alcohol and drug abuse issues is encouraged to contact the AODA specialist. Conscientious efforts to seek such help shall not jeopardize any student’s enrollment and will not be noted in the student’s educational record. Any assistance provided can be done anonymously and is kept completely confidential within legal guidelines. If needed, this could include referral to agencies providing AODA treatment.

Live Free

Live Free is a Madison College student club that promotes well being and community integration for students in recovery and their supporters. Download the WolfPack Connect app to join the group. Once a member, you will get notifications about upcoming events.

Screening for Mental Health

Madison College Counseling Services subscribes to the Screening for Mental Health Online Program. Students can use this program's online questionnaires to find out if they have symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder (manic-depression), generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder or alcohol abuse.


Whether you are looking for help here at Madison College or around the community, we can help. Remember that assistance is available to Madison College students at no cost. If you plan to use your insurance, check with your company to see which providers are covered. Some questions to consider:

  • Are you looking for counseling or support?
  • Do you prefere group or individual help?
  • Do you want to utilize your insurance?
  • Do you need help that is offered on a sliding scale?
  • Do you have Medical Assistance?
  • Do you have restrictions on your time?
  • Do you need to satisfy the expectations of court or probation/parole?

Here are a few helpful links that may help you get started:

Alcohol eCheckup to go online service

eCHECKUP to go for Alcohol

eCHECKUP to go for Marijuana

Mental Health Questionnaires: