Add/Drop Classes

What you need to know about add, drop, audit and more.


  • Add

    Requirements: To add a class, you must meet any enrollment requirements listed on the course details. This may be done through transfer credit or test scores. If you are enrolled in a course and do not meet the requirements, you may be notified by the Office of the Registrar and dropped.

    School Approval: Some courses require approval from the school or program offering the class. You must visit the appropriate school office to enroll in these classes.

    Instructor Approval: Some classes require instructor consent. You must contact the instructor to request permission to enroll in the class. Once that permission has been granted, you may register for the course.

    Deadline: You may register for most full-semester (16 week) classes through the first week of the term. That deadline may vary for other classes. Enroll in classes as early as possible.

    Time Conflicts: Time conflicts are automatically prevented by the system. To request permission to register for classes that result in a time conflict, you must complete the Time Conflict Registration form (PDF, 55KB). 

    Max Load: Most programs limit students to 18 credits. If you wish to exceed 18 credits, you must complete the Study Load Approval Form (PDF, 790 KB) and have an instructor, counselor or advisor authorize the overload.

  • Drop

    Drop Results: If you drop a class at least 24 hours before the first day of the class, you will not be charged tuition for that class. Dropping after the class begins may generate a partial refund. Refunds can only be determined after the class is dropped and a tuition recalculation is run.

    Deadline: You may withdraw from a class until that class is 90 percent complete. After that, the instructor is responsible for giving you a grade.

    Learn more about Tuition Refunds.

    Students who are prevented from dropping their class(es) before a drop deadline due to system-wide technical issues may call or email Enrollment Services for assistance.

    Apprenticeship students should review the Apprenticeship Withdrawal Advisory Memo before dropping courses.

    Instructors and other 3rd parties may not add or drop classes for you. Students may be notified by the Office of the Registrar or Dean of Students Office if you must drop a class.

    Before dropping a class, you are encouraged to meet with your advisor to discuss Credit/No Credit as a grading option.

  • Audit

    Definition: Auditing a class means you attend the class but do not receive a final grade. 


    • The class MUST be a degree credit class. Non-credit, non-degree and enrichment classes cannot be audited.
    • A seat must be available.
    • You must meet all enrollment requirements.
    • You must declare your intent to audit at the time of registration, which must be prior to the class start date.
    • Staff assistance is required to enroll as an audit. You may call or visit the Enrollment Center for help. 

    Once you enroll as an audit:

    • You may not change this status after the class start date.
    • Tuition and fees are not modified except for students 60 years old or older, who may be eligible for a reduction of some fees. See Fee Exemptions.
    • You must meet attendance requirements, participate in the classroom work and complete assignments, but may not participate in examinations/evaluations.
    • You will receive a final grade of "AU," which is not calculated in your GPA.

    ​Audited classes do not:

    • Fulfill admission or enrollment requirements.
    • Count towards a student's official enrollment status.
    • Count towards program certification or graduation requirements.
    • Count for financial aid or veterans educational benefit calculations.
    • Factor into satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes.
  • Waitlist

    Some classes, when full, allow you to be placed on a waitlist.


    • You must meet all enrollment requirements.
    • You may not be enrolled in another section of the same course.

    Waitlist status means:

    • You are not officially enrolled in the class.
    • You may not attend or receive a grade in the class.
    • You are not guaranteed enrollment into the class or that a new section will be created.

    Enrollment from waitlist:

    • You may be automatically enrolled from a waitlist if a spot opens up. This occurs up to two days prior to the class start date.
    • You are not eligible for automatic enrollment if:
      • A time conflict exists with another course.
      • Max credits are exceeded or will be when the waitlisted class is added.
      • You have a hold on your record
      • You are enrolled in another section of the course

    In these situations, others may be placed into the class as space allows. You should work to resolve the situation, but there is no guarantee space will be available after resolution.

    • You will be notified by letter, email or personal contact after enrollment from a waitlist, so check your enrollment status often.
  • Swap Classes

    Definition: Swap allows you to drop a class that has already started and replace it with another. 

    Terms of Use:

    • Swap is valid for degree/credit and non-degree/continuing education courses. 
    • You must meet all enrollment requirements for the SWAP to succeed.
    • Credits for the added course must be greater than or equal to credits for the dropped course.*
    • A swap may only be done during the first seven days of a term.
    • Because tuition costs differ from class to class based on fee types, instruction modes and more, tuition charges may change after completion of a swap. 
    • You can complete a swap in your myMadisonCollege portal. Fees will be adjusted as appropriate. 
    • The swap process ensures successfully enrollment in the new class prior to dropping the old class. If enrollment into the new class is unsuccessful (e.g., class/waitlist closed, enrollment requirements are not met, etc.) the swap process will not drop the current class. 
    • Students who mistakenly add and drop classes instead of using the class SWAP function during the established class SWAP period may email Enrollment Services to have a review of their enrollment transactions completed. If the added and dropped classes would have otherwise qualified for a class SWAP, the student’s record will be updated and any corresponding tuition adjustments made.
    • A student swapping from one class (class A) to another class (class B), regardless of credit differences (e.g. a 3 credit class to a 1 credit class), will only have the class they swapped into (class B) included as an attempted credit for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

    *​Staff-assisted swap: To swap from a higher credit to a lower credit course (i.e., from a 5-credit to a 3-credit course), you must contact the Enrollment Center. This action will result in a fee being charged on the dropped credits per WTCS refund policy. The rest of the above terms apply. 

  • Section Change

    Definition: A section change is a swap in which the dropped class and added class have the same title and 8-digit catalog number. The class meeting time, location, instructor and/or mode of instruction may vary.

    Terms of Use:

    • If the dropped class has not begun, use the standard drop and add procedures. They produce the same result as a section change.
    • You may use the swap function in your myMadisonCollege portal to perform a section change during the first seven days of the term.
    • After the swap period has ended, you must obtain permission and complete the Section Change Approval Form (PDF, 794) to do a section change. The instructor's signature for the class you are dropping is required. The instructor's signature for the class you are adding is required only after the Last Date to Enroll for that class has passed. 
    • You may request a section change until the end of the refund period on the dropped class. This is the Drop-Retain Record date found in your myMadisonCollege portal. To view this date, click the Classes tile, select the proper term and view each classes Enrollment Deadlines.
    • A student changing the section of their class (from section A to section B), will only have the class they section changed into (section B) counted as an attempted credit for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Additional Information

Need Help? See our Registration Guides or our Video Demos.

It is best to add or drop classes using the myMadisonCollege portal. You may also call the Enrollment Center, visit any campus, or use the Registration and Add/Drop Request Form (PDF, 99KB).

Receiving financial aid or veterans educational benefits? Adding and dropping classes can impact these awards. If you have questions, contact the Enrollment Center before taking action.