Sociology is the study of groups and society and how they affect human thoughts and behaviors. Through scientific study, we pull back the curtain on the interactions and institutions that shape who we are. Explore the ever-changing social world and your place in it through classes ranging from race to religion, gender to social problems, technology to criminology and more.

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Featured Sociology Courses

Course topics may delight you, make you angry, give you something to tweet about or talk about at the dinner table. Most of all, they will make you think about the world and help you to see it in new ways.

Introduction to Sociology

Introduces students to the field of Sociology. Defines and examines the concepts and realities of social structure, culture, socialization, complex organizations, class, inequality, social groups and social change.

Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

Explores how the social constructions of race and ethnicity shape U.S. society and examines structural inequalities and majority-minority group relations. Discusses current policy debates and proposed solutions to inequalities.

Statistics for the Social Sciences

This course provides the learner with an introductory understanding of statistics for the social sciences and how statistics are applied to the social world. Learners will build skills in analytical and critical thinking through the application of quantitative knowledge to social questions.

Sociology Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Autumn Behringer
Office: B2254, Truax

Michael Billeaux
Office: B2240, Truax

Angelika Gulbis
Office: B2250, Truax

Jackie Jebens (Department Chair)
Office: D3618, Truax

Martina Kunovic
Office: B2240, Truax

Matthew Sargent
Office: B2246, Truax

Dee Soles 
Office: B2254, Truax

Part-time Faculty

Nadia Assad

Gabrielle Banick

Brian Bentel

Amy Grams       

Laurel Mazar

Agatha Nnazor

Marline Pearson

Katherine Phelps

Helen Raatz

Mitchell Ruesink

Cassandra Thompson

Sociology Faculty Advisors

Autumn Behringer

Angelika Gulbis

Jackie Jebens

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