Philosophy, the word, is derived from an Ancient Greek word meaning “the love of wisdom” and is the dedication to pursuit of knowledge through logical and rigorous reasoning. Philosophers today examine a wide range of questions from “How do you live a good life?” to “What is beauty?” to “Does God exist?” and much more.

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Featured Philosophy Courses

Intro Philosophy

This course introduces various fields of philosophy, philosophical methodology and the history of philosophy. Examines some philosophical issues in depth and develops the ability to think, speak and write critically about these problems that have concerned human beings for centuries.

Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

An informal logic course (previously called Reason in Communication) that emphasizes critical thinking. Students will learn argument structure, different forms of inductive reasoning, how to recognize informal fallacies, and how to distinguish better and worse reasoning in the media and our everyday lives.

Business Ethics

Most of us will spend a large portion of our lives immersed in the world of work. Whether we are debating the merits of affirmative action in hiring, corporate responsibility and profits, terms of employment, conflicts of interest or whistleblowing, this course will examine our assumptions and help us reach a clearer understanding of what we ought to do and why.

Philosophy Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Laura Osinski (Department Chair)
Office: D2604, Truax

Sonja Sullivan
Office: B2250, Truax

Joseph Lee
Office: E3856, Truax

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