The World Languages Department at Madison College hosts the study of Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. We provide you with an education that targets different learning styles in an active and collaborative classroom where both students and instructors are encouraged and expected to communicate in the target language as much as possible (90% of class time).

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Featured World Language Courses

Classes are also offered in flexible formats to fit students’ schedules and learning needs. Our role is to create a supportive learning community in the classroom and provide the necessary tools for you to use the target language on your own.

Intro to Modern Arabic 1

Intro to Modern Arabic 1 focuses on the study of Arabic sounds and writing system and develops conversational skills in Modern Standard Arabic used in educational institutions throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Students will speak and write using basic vocabulary while developing a thorough understanding of the Arabic writing system.

French 1

This course is for students beginning the study of French or those who need to review the basics before going on to French 2. Students will learn to participate in uncomplicated conversations on everyday topics and gain a better understanding of and appreciation for people and cultures other than their own.

Intro to Mandarin Chinese 1

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese. This course will introduce students to the fundamental phonetic system and grammar of standard spoken Chinese and written language including 400 Chinese characters. This course will teach modern standardized simplified Chinese characters rather than the more complex traditional characters.

Spanish 1

Students will learn to participate in uncomplicated conversations on everyday topics and gain a better understanding of and appreciation for people and cultures other than their own.

Placement and Retroactive Credit

World Languages Course Placement Testing (WebCAPE)

Do you have previous exposure to the language you wish to study? If so, you can take our placement test to see what course would work better with your current level of a foreign language.

Foreign Language Retroactive Credits

You may be able to receive retroactive credit if you’ve previously studied a world language in High School. For example, you can take Spanish 2, complete it with a “B” or better, and get credit for Spanish 1 as well. (NOTE: Native speakers are not eligible.) You can take a placement exam to see if you qualify.

Native Speakers

Native speakers of Spanish or French should NOT enroll in our introductory-level courses in their native language. We consider you a native speaker if you were educated in that language through at least ninth grade. If a native speaker chooses to enroll in one of our introductory-level courses in his/her native language, he/she must take the placement test and consult with the instructor. Students may NOT earn retroactive credits for coursework in their native language.

World Languages Faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to making our classes fun, active, interactive, and engaging. Our classes focus on both language and culture so you may become more aware of different points of view. Cultural sensitivity will also open doors to diverse job opportunities in our globalized society.

Antonio Noguera | Spanish Instructor

Arsenio Cicero Sancristobal | Spanish Instructor

Carolina Bailey | Spanish Instructor
Spanish and French Language Proficiency Certificate Advisor
Office: D2602, Truax

Danielle Skupas | Spanish Instructor

Gina M Lewandowski | Spanish Instructor

Hicham El Majdi | Arabic Instructor

Jeanne Boettcher | Spanish Instructor

Kathryn Grovergrys  | Spanish Instructor
Online and Hybrid Instruction
Office, E3854A, Truax

Magdalena Coll-Carbonell | Spanish Instructor

Mary Haight | French Instructor
French Language Proficiency Certificate Advisor
Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate Advisor
Office: E3868, Truax 

Roberto Garcia Delgado | Spanish Instructor

Sarah Fritz (Department Chair) | Spanish Instructor
Office: D3619, Truax

Xiaoyi Sun | Chinese Instructor

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