History is study of the human past and how the events of that past have led to the societies we live in today. Historians explore the meaning of events that took place from the very beginnings of human civilizations through to the present day, from the lives of kings and emperors to the development of popular culture.

The Madison College history faculty is committed to bringing excellence in teaching to our classrooms, to share what we have learned ourselves and to do our best in aiding students to meet their academic goals.

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Featured History Courses

Twentieth-Century America

Twentieth-Century America surveys the political, social, economic and cultural history of the United States in the twentieth century. 

Europe and the Modern World

This is an introductory course in European history concentrating on the 19th- and 20th-century experiences of European societies through examination of major social, economic, political and intellectual development.

Afro-American History

Broad introductory survey of significant experiences that have shaped U.S. race relations, beginning with the west coast of Africa during the Middle Ages and moving through the last 30 years of this century in the United States.

History Faculty

Michael Dubin | Full-time Faculty
Office: C3450, Truax

Jonathan Pollack (Department Chair)
Full-time Faculty
Office: E3868, Truax

Joel Ryan | Full-time Faculty
Office: E1713, Truax

Christine E Cina | Part-time Faculty


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