Develop your individual artistic voice through the study of motion pictures, news gathering and reporting, musical performance, oral and interpersonal communication and drama. Classes and extracurricular activities provide even more knowledge and hands-on experience to help you succeed in a variety of careers.

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Featured Communication and Performing Arts Courses

Madison College offers courses crucial to developing skills in communication, presentation and performance. Whether your career plans include engineering or acting, mastering basic communication and performance strategies will play a key role in your success.

Introduction to Theatre

In this course, students will examine and experience theatre in its various forms. A survey of theatre history from a global perspective provides the foundation for a greater understanding and perspective of the art. This course is an opportunity to explore playwriting, acting, directing and design leading to critical analysis of production.

Introduction to Film

Examines techniques of film production and explores the relationship between film form and film meaning. Students view films that represent significant movements in the evolution of the medium and learn how to research and write analytical essays about these films.


This course presents the basic techniques of effective public speaking and listening for students in degree or diploma programs. Students improve their oral communication skills through analysis of purposive listening, preparing and presenting informative and persuasive speeches and using the group process to discuss issues and solve problems.

Communication and Performing Arts Faculty

Miranda Hawk | Department Chair
Speech and Theatre | Full-time Faculty
Office: A1021 | Truax

Michael Lussenden | Full-time Speech and Theatre Faculty
Office: E3868 | Truax

Kristy Jagiello | Full-time Speech Faculty
Office: B2258 | Truax

Jack Opel | Full-time Film Studies and English Faculty
Office: B2200 | Truax

Patrick Barlow | Part-time Speech Faculty

Bob Curry Jr. | Part-time Film Studies Faculty

Robin Fonfara | Part-time Theatre and Dance Faculty

Ronald Frye | Part-time Speech Faculty

Nancy Gray | Part-time Speech Faculty

Roger Herian | Part-time Speech​​​​​​​ Faculty

Kathy Jochman | Part-time Speech​​​​​​​ Faculty

TJ McCray | Part-time Speech​​​​​​​ Faculty

Jacob Mertins | Part-time Speech​​​​​​​ Faculty

Autumn Shiley | Part-time Theatre Faculty

Nancy Stillwell | Part-time Speech Faculty

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