The Madison College chemistry department allows you to engage in scientific inquiry. You will participate in lab exercises and develop a chemical understanding of the world around you.

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Featured Chemistry Courses

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned lab rat, students can check out these featured chemistry courses.

General Chemistry

This course covers the fundamentals of chemistry. Topics include: the metric system; problem solving; periodic relationships; chemical reactions; chemical equilibrium; acids bases and salts; and gas laws.

General, Organic and Biological Chemistry

This course covers a broad range of topics suitable for many allied-health fields. Topics covered during the general chemistry portion of the course include measurement, problem solving, periodic table, chemical reactions, radioactivity, gases, solutions and acid-base behaviors.

College Chemistry 1

The first semester of a two-semester sequence in college chemistry that includes the topics of measurement, chemical nomenclature, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, atomic structure, gas laws, thermochemistry, chemical bonding and solution chemistry.

Chemistry Faculty

Troy Cayou | Area Coordinator for Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education
Office: D2649 | Truax

Linda Craft | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: 233U | Goodman South

Nilhan Gunasekera | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: C3446 | Truax

Jennifer Jackowski | Area Coordinator for Engineering
Office: D2649 | Truax

Alexis Middleton | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: D2649 | Truax


Amy Payne | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: D2606 | Truax

Marissa Rosen | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: D3619 | Truax

Christen Smith | Department Chair
Office: D2649 | Truax

Jeannine Szczech | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: D2606 | Truax

Ken Walz | Full-time Chemistry Faculty
Office: C3444 | Truax


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