Biology is the science of life. Biology courses at Madison College can be a springboard to an advanced degree from a university, preparation for direct entry into the biology job market or a quest of personal interest. In the classroom and laboratory, you will explore key biological principles and hands-on techniques that can lead to exciting opportunities in health care, food and agriculture, animal science or the environment.

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Featured Biology Courses

Through the courses offered at Madison College, our dedicated faculty will provide you with the educational tools necessary to help you target your perfect niche in the field of biology. 

Ecology/Conservation Biology

Ecology and Conservation Biology is an intermediate-level (non-laboratory) course, most appropriate for second-year students. A basic knowledge of ecosystem structure and function is used as a springboard to grasping the impact of human activities on natural populations. Emphasis is on computer modeling of endangered species, dwindling populations of endemics, species under threat of over-harvesting, and other groups at risk. This course requires the background knowledge of an introductory environmental science course. 

Principles of Genetics

An introduction to the basic concepts of heredity and cytogenetics including Mendelian, molecular, developmental, and population genetics, genetic engineering and chromosome behavior. Topics include complementation and linkage analysis, gene mapping, library screening, bacterial transformation, plaque assay, restriction analysis, PCR, and sequencing. Lab complements the lecture and provides experiences in molecular genetics laboratory techniques as well as utilization of analytical and simulation model systems.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is an introductory survey course appropriate for first-year students. This course includes a laboratory component and field trips designed to engage students in exploring environmental systems in the modern world. It emphasizes the interpretation of environmental data presented in graphs and figures and will sharpen student analytical skills through exercises based on both quantitative reasoning and reading comprehension.

Biology Faculty

Simon Allard
Office: C3446 | Truax

Elizabeth Behr
Office: B3223 | Truax

Chuck Benton | Department Chair
Office: B2200 | Truax

Kitrina Carlson
Office: B3221 | Truax

Susan Crowson
Office: D3619 | Truax

John Graham
Office: D3619 | Truax

Elmira Grant Akhundova

Sharon Holthaus
Office: B3237 | Truax

Gina Piscitelli
Office: 136 | West

Lewis Sheffield
Office: 126 | Portage

Brian Stephens
Office: C3448 | Truax

Elise Van Ginkel
Office: B3223 | Truax

Biology Staff

Erica Beckman | Lead Laboratory Coordinator
Office: C3428 | Truax

Aaron Carlson | Senior Laboratory Coordinator
Office: 159 | Watertown

Roxanne Chrisinger | Laboratory Coordinator
Office: 127 | Portage

Kristine Horabik | Laboratory Coordinator
Office: C3428 | Truax

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