Our primary mission is to provide a rigorous foundation in studio art, preparing students to succeed as they transfer into degree programs that best fit their career interests. The problem-solving skills learned in College Transfer Art provide a foundation for innovative thinking in any major.

Experience hands-on exploration of materials and concepts that will allow you to find solutions unique to you.

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Featured Art Courses

These foundation art courses are required at most 4-year schools before taking intermediate courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and other disciplines. Madison College art courses are accepted with full credit to two-year and four-year programs in the University of Wisconsin System, Edgewood College and many other institutions.

Drawing Fundamentals

This is an introductory drawing class emphasizing sound craftsmanship and the study of basic freehand drawing from direct observation. Class topics include the study of perspective, proportion, composition, and properties of light and shade. Students will explore a variety of drawing media and techniques.

Basic Design

Design Fundamentals introduces students to the elements of art (line, texture, color, shape and value). Students will investigate principles of design, composition and basic color theory in projects incorporating a variety of media. Instruction in Adobe Photoshop will also be incorporated into class projects.

Art History: Ancient to Medieval

Surveys the development of Prehistoric, Ancient through Medieval art and architecture found throughout Europe, the near East and Egypt. Emphasis is given to the form and meaning of a select group of artworks and buildings, their stylistic tendencies and respective movements in the history of art, and the socio-political and cultural contexts for these movements.

Art Faculty

Gregory Schulte | Department Chair, Full-Time Art Faculty

Barry Carlsen | Part-time Art Faculty

Michael Kratochwill | Part-time Art Faculty

Philip Salamone | Part-time Art Faculty

Robert Schultz | Part-time Art Faculty

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