Anthropology is study of the human species. Explore humanity from our physical evolution to the development of technology, from stone tools to satellites traveling through space. Topics include the birth and growth of our languages and cultures.

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Featured Anthropology Courses

No matter your level of interest or academic goals, students can check out these featured anthropology courses.

General Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans and their culture, which includes a survey of three major sub-disciplines of anthropology: physical anthropology, which explores human biology, evolution and the emergence of culture; archeology, which examines the physical evidence of past cultures; and cultural anthropology, which focuses on contemporary culture.

Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity

This course focuses on exploring the range of modern human cultural diversity across the world. The class will examine the cultural practices and historical ties that constitute commonalities across cultures. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural complexity of modern urbanized societies such as that of the United States.

Anthropology Faculty

John 'Luke' Matthews | Department Chair
Full-time Anthropology Faculty
Office: D2602 | Truax

George W Christiansen III | Part-time Anthropology Faculty

Jessica E Coggins | Part-time Anthropology Faculty

Karen Kettner | Part-time Anthropology Faculty


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